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Giving Back to Bridge: Judy Kay-Wolff on Blogging

When Bobby and I finished the editing of The Lone Wolff with Ray Lee at Masterpoint Press almost three years ago, Ray and Linda asked me if I wanted to blog. Please don’t laugh at me, but I did not know what they were talking about. I looked it up in my dictionary and the word was not there.

Embarrassed, I asked one of my knowledgeable computer friends and she explained the process. And, even today, when I employ spellcheck on my computer, the words blog and blogging appear in red as they are still not recognized words. However, despite the “non-acceptance” of their use, today blogging is as much a part of my life as eating, drinking, sleeping (and playing bridge, of course).

Blogging is a great innovation to the world of communication — enabling one to reach bridge players all over the universe at no cost other than the normal usage of the computer. We actually have three venues (Bobby’s syndicated bridge column from United Media called Aces on Bridge), Bobby’s personal column (under Bobby Wolff — both of which he faithfully answers) and of course my own Judy Kay-Wolff blog. Bobby does little personal blogging but he does engage in responding to dozens of bridge players who are always seeking advice. Feel free to write in and expect an answer.

I am one of the most active bloggers on You know how women are. They always seem to have something on their mind. After I got to know Ray and Linda, I was asked (with my bridge background being married to Norman Kay till his death in 2002 and then marrying Bobby on Pearl Harbor Day in 2003) if I would like to write my memoirs. It was a flattering offer, but after laboring over TLW with Bobby for five years, I decided I had served my time and declined.

I do have my own blog site and promised I would, among other current topics, take trips down memory lane and recount my stories and experiences from days of yore, or else I will carry them to the grave with me. Thus, I am now in the processing of writing up a lot of the old timers whom I knew personally — with a few anecdotes of note plus other topical issues.

However, it does not stop with celebrity memoirs of earlier years. Bobby and I both feel very strongly about the turnabout in the game caused by professionalism, personal agendas, politics, unholy alliances, cheating, convention disruption, alerts, rules, laws, directing flaws, etc. and speak out loud and clear and often in an effort to turn the ship around, as we feel the original majesty of the game is long since gone.

Blogging is for everyone. If you have something to say, blog it! However, bear in mind bridgeblogging is pro bono, and it is not only fun to express yourself but even more rewarding when you receive comments from readers (either agreeing, disagreeing or offering other points of view). You get to meet interesting people from all over the atlas with a common interest, and to my knowledge, the only restriction is the use of profanity. So, give it some thought, button your lip and if you are interested, contact


DanaDecember 9th, 2010 at 3:57 am

Thanks so much for writing these mini-memoirs Judy. I’ve only played bridge since 1997 so it’s been fun to read about people who were only names to me before.

Judy Kay-WolffDecember 9th, 2010 at 1:08 pm

Dear Dana:

Remarks like yours are so gratifying. Writing blogs takes serious time and it is nice to know that the readers appreciate it, I was fortunate enough to know just about all of the decased old timers and little by little I will be covering most of them. In writing some, because they were so special, it warms the cockles of my heart.



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